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The Prospect Development Company

The Deposited Budget Scheme has been established to allow a swift turnaround for clients who have a need for one-off research profiles as opportunities arise throughout the year.

To open a Deposited Budget, you will need to deposit a sum with The Prospect Development Company. We suggest an initial deposit of £500, however you may wish to deposit larger sums to see you through the year. There is no timeline to use the fund, which remains in place until it has been expended. Statements are sent out on a monthly basis to those who have used their research budget in that time.

To use the Deposited Budget, you simply need to fill in our request form, detailing what you already know about the prospect or donor, and what you would like to know about them. You will receive a confirmation email, along with a completion date (usually 5 to 10 working days).

Prices range from around £10 for small ad-hoc requests for information, such as confirmation of address, all the way up to £900 for a large network mapping piece. Prospect profiles will fall somewhere between £80 and £500, depending on the type of prospect, the level of detail required, and the amount of information available. We will always confirm the price before we start a piece of work.

The scheme is intended for batches of no more than four individuals, or a couple of companies or charitable trusts, at any one time. We offer a reduced 'cost per profile' if you commission higher quantities of research. Bespoke proposals will be created for larger quantities of research - this allows us to schedule the research into our work schedule.

If you'd like to chat about how The Prospect Development Company could help, please get in touch or 07879 559431